Known bugs for rmaa.cls

Please report any problems directly to me. From time to time, I will release new corrected versions of the macros. In the mean time, corrections and work arounds will be posted here.

Versions 3.24b and earlier

Error messages like:

! LaTeX Error: Command \bibfont already defined.
              Or name \end... illegal, see p.192 of the manual.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H   for immediate help.

l.127 \newcommand\bibfont{\small}
when compiling with recent versions of latex or when uploading to Fixed in 3.25, which unfortunately took a long time to get posted to the website. Thanks to Roberto Vázquez, Grażyna Stasińska, Gary Ferland, Vladimir Ávila, Hector Aceves, and Luis Felipe Rodríguez for reporting this.

Any Recent Version

Error messages like

! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `longnamesfirst' for package `natbib'.
! LaTeX Error: File `paralist.sty' not found.
when compiling rm-extenso.tex or other files. This is not really a bug, it is just because you have a decade-old TeX set-up with out-of-date versions of some necessary style files. Solution: Update your TeX installation to a newer version.

Version 3.08

The example files no longer compile. Fixed in 3.09. Thanks to Bob O'Dell for spotting this.

Version 2.1

The page range doesn't get put in the header properly for one-page posters. Don't worry about this - it works fine when the poster is included in the full volume.

Version 2.0

The \ion command doesn't work very well. In fact, it never did - serves me right for copying it from the AAS macros. This is now fixed in version 2.1 with a super-duper \ion command that does the right thing in all conceivable circumstances (I hope).

Version 1.8

The manuscript option doesn't work very well. The double-spacing and large margins can cause figure captions to go off the bottom of the page. I will fix this soon. Thanks to Leticia Carigi for pointing this out.

Version 1.4

Some people have had problems with the graphics commands when using an old version of LaTeX, which the macros were not designed to work with. There are two possible solutions:
  1. Update your LaTeX installation
  2. Grab the latest version of the macros, which includes a subdirectory OLDLATEX/ containing some style files which are absent in pre-1995 LaTeX versions.

Version 0.7

If you still have this version. you should upgrade.
  1. The line
    in rmaa.cls causes an error on some older (pre-1995) versions of LaTeX.

    Reported by Chris Mauche (, 1999/10/05

    Solution (1999/10/06): Comment out the offending line: it is only necessary in rare cases. Alternatively, browbeat your system administrator into updating your LaTeX installation.

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